Seek Your Heavenly Father

Episode 89: Seek Your Heavenly Father What do you seek for day to day? What do you pursue to attain and consider to be of great value? Where is your Continue Reading →

Strong in God’s Grace through Wisdom in Chirst

Episode 81: Strong in God’s Grace through Wisdom in Christ Explore some of the Wisdom found in Christ which will enable you to be strong in God’s Grace in today’s Continue Reading →

Preach God’s Word

Episode 74: Preach God’s Word Interview segment – Congresswoman Virginia Foxx – author, God is in the House: Congressional Testimonies of Faith In this so called enlightened day and time is the Continue Reading →

The Wisdom of God

Episode 39: The Wisdom of God Today we look at Solomon’s example of requesting wisdom from God in order to rule righteously over God’s people. We also see the great Continue Reading →

God’s Desire for You

Episode 29: God’s Desire for You Two Testimonies of God’s Deliverance What is God’s desire for you? You know God has a plan for your life and He desires that Continue Reading →

God’s Wisdom – Speak God’s Word

Episode 13: God’s Wisdom – Speak God’s Word Interview – Scott Powell – Songwriter, musician and minister of God’s Word We see God’s tremendous wisdom in the preaching of His Continue Reading →