God’s Treasure

Episode 86: God’s Treasure Interview segment – John Fallahee – LearnLogos.com Jesus Christ is a wonderful example to us in His respect for the written Word of God, in hearing Continue Reading →

Seek God with Your Whole Heart

Episode 70: Seek God with Your Whole Heart Earlier this week I read a couple verses from Psalm 119 that really got me thinking. Let’s read the verses first and then will Continue Reading →

Your Purpose in Christ!

Episode 68: Your Purpose in Christ! Interview – Ben Kinchlow – Minister, author and broadcaster Each of us in the Church have a purpose. You have not been misplaced or relegated by Continue Reading →

God’s Magnificent Love

Episode 66: God’s Magnificent Love Interview – Dan Hennenfent – Cup of Cold Water Ministries We see God’s magnificent love for each of us and some of the wonderful blessings He has blessed Continue Reading →

God’s Magnificent Mercy

Episode 60: God’s Magnificent Mercy! Interview – Scott Powell – Songwriter, musician and minister of God’s Word Please read below on why I replayed Scott’s interview from July of 2015 Last week Continue Reading →

God Delights in You!

Episode 42: God Delights in You! Interview – John Kano – Christian Songwriter, Musician and Producer Show is a replay from August 23, 2015. One of the great benefits to Continue Reading →

The Love of the Father

Episode 36: The Love of the Father God’s love for people is found in His providing a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. The greatest gift ever given is eternal life. Continue Reading →

God Cares for You

Episode 23: God Cares for You Interview – Ben Kinchlow – Minister, author and broadcaster In today’s program we see the great care and love God has for people. He Continue Reading →

God Delights in You

Episode 19: God Delights in You Interview – John Kano – Songwriter and musician One of the great benefits to us in this day and time is that we can Continue Reading →

God is Light

Episode 4: God is Light Interview – Ben Kinchlow – Minister, broadcaster and author God is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all! The teaching begins with Continue Reading →