Seek Your Heavenly Father

Episode 89: Seek Your Heavenly Father

What do you seek for day to day? What do you pursue to attain and consider to be of great value? Where is your time and energy spent?

I’d venture to say that most in our day and time seek for riches, honor and the praise of men. There are some today that seek after God and the things of God. Those that do seek after God are at times dismissed by the world as being a “little off” or maybe living to an “undesirable extreme”.

It’s relatively easy to follow the masses and pursue after riches, honor and the praise of men. It is not always easy to follow after God and His heart in this messed up world – it can at times be a bit of a struggle – almost as if you are like a fish fighting to get upstream – until, until your seeking of God flows from your heart. Then it becomes first nature. Then you have joy unspeakable. A joy that the that the world could never replace.

Today’s program looks at seeking God first, above all else, and the great reward for doing so.

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