Power in the Name of Jesus Christ

Episode 87: Power in the Name of Jesus Christ
Interview segment – Robert Rundle – Author, The Windows of Heaven

Jesus Christ is the most powerful name on earth. It is a name not to be taken lightly. It is the name that God has given to His children to use in any situation. It is in the name of Jesus Christ that we pray. The name of Jesus Christ is above all names!

In today’s teaching we see an example of the power in the name of Jesus Christ in everyday life!

Our guest is Robert Rundle. Bob is the author of The Windows of Heaven. It is an excellent book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Some of the topics covered are:

  • The Firmament of Heaven
  • The Deep
  • The Original Earth and the Future Heavens and Earth
  • The Life of God in Man

Discover the reason for all of God’s creation and why the Creator wants you to come home to Him!

Bob Rundle may be contacted through his website http://robertmrundle.com/

The Windows of Heaven may be ordered either through Bob’s website or on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Power in the Name of Jesus Christ

  1. Natoya Williams

    Please pray for me I am Natoya Williams I need some prayer in the mighty name of Jesus I need to be cover under the blood of Jesus Christ

    1. admin Post author

      God bless you Natoya.
      I am praying for you right now. God is concerned about every aspect of your life and He loves you dearly.
      Jesus Christ gave his life for you, so you could live.
      God’s rich blessings to you,

  2. Joyce D'Arcy

    What a great teaching on the power of the name of Jesus Christ! Just invaluable! Can’t wait to order and read the book Windows of heaven!

  3. Deann

    Jesus’ parents had been given that name by an angel who promised that through this child God would bring salvation to the world.


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