God’s Treasure

Episode 86: God’s Treasure
Interview segment – John Fallahee – LearnLogos.com

Jesus Christ is a wonderful example to us in His respect for the written Word of God, in hearing God’s voice and in His obedience to His Father’s direction. Jesus Christ knew who he was because he knew his Heavenly Father and His Word. Jesus knew his purpose and why he came into the world.

Do you know who you are? Do you know your purpose? Do you know what you have been called to? What do the scriptures say about you?

Your true identity is found in Christ in God. You are loved beyond measure by your Heavenly Father. He has in store for you an inheritance so rich and abundant that it will take God all eternity to unfold to you His great grace, mercy and love.

Hear God’s voice through His written Word and by the spirit. He’s your daddy, He wants to hang out with you. You are His inheritance, you are His treasure.

The interview segment is with John Fallahee from www.LearnLogos.com.

John resides in Green Bay, WI with his wife and three children. He has a Master’s of Divinity degree and an MBA and is currently working on his PhD at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in preaching and apologetics. John also teaches at his local church.

He was employed with Logos Bible Software before beginning his training ministry LearnLogos. At LearnLogos.com he has trained tens of thousands of people around the world to use the Logos Bible Study software more effectively.

John has made available to The Solution Radio Show listeners a FREE training webinar on doing Word Studies with Logos Bible Software.
You may access this webinar at www.LearnLogos.com/wyll

John may be reached through email John@LearnLogos.com or on the website www.LearnLogos.com


2 thoughts on “God’s Treasure

  1. Joyce D'Arcy

    God bless you, Greg! What a blessing to hear thevrightly divided Word from you. Thank you for your service. I hope and pray also that the show reaches those who are not saved as I’m sure you want that too. As for me, we do not have a fellowship right ( since Derek has been ill) now nor do we have a place to go to hear the rightly divided Word. So this was truly a blessing. I shared a link on my Facebook page and invited many of my friends to take a look at your website

  2. admin Post author

    God bless you, Joyce! Thanks for taking the time to listen.
    God’s Word is so magnificent and so rich with blessings! Give my love to Derek and your family!


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