Strong in God’s Grace through Wisdom in Chirst

Episode 81: Strong in God’s Grace through Wisdom in Christ

Explore some of the Wisdom found in Christ which will enable you to be strong in God’s Grace in today’s program.

In II Timothy chapter 2, verse 1 it states, “that we are to be strong in the grace is found in Christ Jesus.” If God asks us to be strong in the grace that is found in Christ Jesus then it must be available.

Where are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hid? They are hid in the knowledge of the mystery of God concerning Christ.

The all truth that Jesus Christ spoke of in the gospels is now revealed in the church epistles of the New Testament. Part of the all truth is:

  • Christ’s substitution in his death for you
  • Your righteousness is complete in Christ
  • All who freely desire to come to God are welcomed at His throne of grace
  • Those that believe are members of the body of Christ
  • You are seated in the heavenlies at God’s right hand
  • At the return of Jesus Christ you will be gathered together with him and meet him in the air
  • You have eternal life
  • Until the Lord returns you have the privilege to do the same works as he did and greater works

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