No Greater Joy

Episode 80: No Greater Joy

What are you looking for? What does your heart desire? What is it that you think you need to live a better life?

When I was younger I often thought that more things was what I needed. You know, if I only had a newer car or a bigger house or a faster computer. And sometimes I’d get the newer car or the faster computer and still not be satisfied.

Or at times in my life I have looked to an event or to people to fill the void in my heart that I thought would make life better or more fulfilling.

So often we look in all the wrong places to validate our life…..we search for the things that we think will make us worth something. Really … the new car, the house, the electronics, the events, the people are all a distraction that only give a very temporary satisfaction….but never genuine fulfillment or validation.

The hearts of men and women hunger and thirst for righteousness. And in the true righteousness is found a relationship with the one true God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no greater joy than a relationship with God our Father!

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