Preach God’s Word

Episode 74: Preach God’s Word
Interview segment – Congresswoman Virginia Foxx – author, God is in the House: Congressional Testimonies of Faith

In this so called enlightened day and time is the preaching of God’s Word profitable? Is it a worthwhile endeavor for you or me to speak to others of Jesus Christ and all that he has accomplished? Yes, absolutely!

Let us Go, Stand and Speak on the streets, in the malls, door to door, at the market, at the beach, at work, on vacation to the people all the words of this life! Let it be said of us that we have filled our cities with the doctrine of Jesus Christ and that we have shown forth the wisdom and power of God!

Our labor is not in vain. There are great rewards throughout all eternity for those that plant and water the hearts of mankind with the Word of God.

Our guest interview is with Congresswoman Virginia Foxx. Congresswoman Foxx represents North Carolina’s 5th District in the United States House of Representatives.

Representative Foxx is a visible leader in the House Republican Conference, where she regularly takes a stand for the principles of individual freedom and limited government.

She is the author of God is in the House: Congressional Testimonies of Faith. In the book members of Congress reflect on their deep faith and how it guides them as politicians and legislators in leadership, voting, and responding to our nation’s crises.

God is in the House: Congressional Testimonies of Faith can be purchased at your local Christian bookstore or on Amazon. Published by Shadow Mountain Publishers.

Open and close music provided by Sal Arico, I Live for Your Presence.

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