Your Life Matters

Episode 72: Your Life Matters

Your life matters because Christ died for all. God so loved that He gave. Christ came to bring salvation – not condemnation.

As we find our identification in Christ we will live our completeness in Christ. We have the privilege to bring to a perishing world the Hope that is found in Christ.

Today is your day! Your life matters – not because of your skin color, not because of your political affiliation, not because of the size of your bank account —– it matters because of God and all He has done for you through His son the Lord Jesus Christ!

You can make a difference in this world by speaking the awesome words of life! I encourage you to get involved in the lives of others and show them that their life matters by speaking the Word of Life!

One thought on “Your Life Matters

  1. John Thomas

    Loved your teaching! This knowledge of who we in Christ is so vitally important to us, and those who are in need of being delivered from the clutches of darkness. What an amazing privilege we have to reconcile people back to our loving Father.
    God bless you,
    John Thomas


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