Looking unto Jesus!

Episode 69: Looking unto Jesus!
Interview – Dr. Sadie Mitchell – author Miracles on Demand

Day to day life for all of us can at times be quite challenging. At the end of the month there may be more bills than there is money…..or we may not physically feel the best and the doctor just gave us a bad report ……or there may be strife in a relationship. No matter the circumstance, no matter the situation we can look to the example of our brother, the Lord Jesus Christ. God will always make a way when there appears to be no way. Learn more regarding Looking unto Jesus! in today’s program.

This Weeks Guest – Dr. Sadie Mitchell – author Miracles on Demand

Sadie is the #1 bestselling author of Miracles on Demand, she has taught thousands of individuals how to build a spiritually strong relationship with God and live extraordinary lives filled with blessings. Sadie believes today is an opportune time for her message of miracles and deliverance to help people in need of divine intervention, so that they can enjoy peace and safety.

Sadie is an ordained Christian minister and a registered nurse, with a PhD specializing in geriatrics.

Miracles on Demand can be ordered on Amazon.

Dr. Sadie Mitchell’s website: www.thehappyhealthychristian.com

Opening and closing music provided by Sal Arico – I Live for Your Presence.

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