Your Purpose in Christ!

Episode 68: Your Purpose in Christ!
Interview – Ben Kinchlow – Minister, author and broadcaster

Each of us in the Church have a purpose. You have not been misplaced or relegated by God to a function of insignificance in the church. From the youngest to the oldest, we all have the same fullness in Christ and each of us have received all that is included in the gift of holy spirit.

Each member in the church of God – which is the body of Christ – God’s church – is a member in particular with a specific calling and responsibility. Learn more regarding your purpose in Christ in tonight’s program.

The guest interview is with minister, broadcaster, and author – Ben Kinchlow. Ben shares with us his heart and wisdom in his testimony and God working in his life and ministry. It is an encouraging word for all. It’s an interview you won’t want to miss.

You may visit Ben Kinchlow’s website at

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