Keep Your Sense of Urgency

Episode 65: Keep Your Sense of Urgency
Interview – Mike Lorence, Teacher and Pastor – The Heart of a Shepherd: Being a Pastor of God’s People

There is an urgency to our day and time. It is an urgency to make known to the world the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is not a time to dance around the scriptures. It is a day to speak the truth with no hesitancy, no agenda, no ulterior motives, no games, no watering down the truth.

More than ever before this world needs the light of God’s Word to shine outside of the four walls of the home churches, Bible studies and street corner churches.

In today’s teaching we see from II Timothy what our life should reflect and be in this perishing world.

Our interview segment is with Mike Lorence. Mike is an ordained Christian minister and pastor with Faithful in Christ Ministries in the Chicago area. He has taught throughout the United States at various churches and Bible study groups a servant leadership seminar called The Heart of a Shepherd: Being a Pastor to God’s People.

Mike and his wife Sheila have been teaching home based Bible fellowships for over 40 years.

Mike may be contacted by email:

Music provided by Gene Meldrum, Building 429 and John Kano.

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