Freedom in Christ!

Episode 64: Freedom in Christ!
Interview – Fred and Carol Blacksmith, Operation Freedom

This Independence Day weekend we are commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence which took place in July of 1776. In God’s Word we see the great freedom we have received spiritually in Christ.

Today this world so desperately needs men and women to live with the love of God, with the Word of God burning in their heart to the end they cannot help but speak those things which they know to be true. God’s Word is truth! God really has made Himself known to us today. It’s time to take God at His Word!

Decide right now that today is a new day with you and your Heavenly Father. The past is past. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Today is the day to believe that you are who God’s Word says you are. Today is the day to live in the spiritual freedom within which you have been called to. We ought to obey God rather than men. The eternal rewards from God far outweigh the fleeting rewards of this world.

Let God be glorified and let it be said today with amazement by those that see your life – “what power and authority has God given unto men.”

Our interview segment is with Fred and Carol Blacksmith from Operation Freedom. Fred and Carol are the Founders of Operation Freedom, whose mission is to serve God’s Word to those who serve. Fred is an ordained minister and Senior Pastor for Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Park Forest, IL. He also serves as the Chaplain for Operation Freedom. Operation Freedom is a faith-based nonprofit founded to serve God’s Word to our military and their families. On this 4th of July weekend when we celebrate the Freedom we have in this country it is a blessing to have Fred and Carol with us today.

Fred and Carol Blacksmith contact info:, Email:
(708) 748-8182

Music provided by Matthew West and Rachel Barbera.

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