Light Dispels Darkness

Episode 63: Light Dispels Darkness
Interview – John Drake, Pastor and Chaplain

At night if you were to walk into a totally dark room, are you able to see anything? No, not really. Maybe if there is some light coming from a window, from a streetlight or the moon, you may be able to distinguish various items in the room as a shadow, despite that small amount of light you still do not see clearly.

When you turn on the light in a dark room the darkness leaves. You are able to see. Can the darkness ever extinguish the light? Never. The light will always dispel the darkness.

Psalm 119:130
The entrance of thy words gives light; it gives understanding unto the simple.

When God’s Word is made known it gives light. The unfolding, the revealing of God’s Word will give understanding or discernment to the simple. The simple are the humble, those who desire to know.

We see from the scriptures that God is Light and His Word is Light. You are a children of Light and when you manifest that Light by speaking and living God’s Word signs, miracles and wonders take place. People’s lives are changed!

Our interview segment is with John Drake. John is an ordained minister and pastor at Grace Christian Fellowship in Naperville IL. He is also the Chaplain of the Northern IL chapter of Warriors Watch Riders which is a troop support organization. John is retired from the United States Army. John shares with us some wonderful insight regarding the wonderful truth that we have been “bought with a price”.

John Drake may be reached by phone: 630-392-4970 or email:
Warriors Watch Riders website is

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