Relationship – Not Activity

Episode 62: Relationship – Not Activity
Interview – Panel Discussion with Steve Carter, Ann Sullivan and Dr. Rob DiMonda

Is God living and real to you? Is your “God time” just a “once a week for an hour activity” or is it a “moment-by-moment, breath-by-breath intimate relationship”?

In the course of my life it has been both. I’ve no doubt you have seen the same.

God’s desire is that He is always living and real to you in your everyday life. We have a wonderful example in the Lord Jesus Christ …. He was always intimately connected to his Heavenly Father.

You too can have that same quality of fellowship with God your Father as the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our interview segment is a panel discussion with Steve Carter, Ann Sullivan and Dr. Rob DiMonda. They discuss various topics from prayer, to living God’s Word in the workplace and what characteristics every Christian leader should display.

Steve Carter is a minister, pastor, teacher of God’s Word and a successful business man. Steve is president and CEO of The Carter Group.

Ann Sullivan is the author of the book Permission to Doubt and she writes a blog titled Simple Truths.

Dr. Rob DiMonda is the clinic director at DiMonda Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center in Naperville IL.

Music provided by Gene Meldrum and Casting Crowns.

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