God’s Magnificent Peace!

Episode 61: God’s Magnificent Peace!
Interview – Gary and Linda Baer – Mission Possible, Aurora IL 

The past two weeks we have looked at God’s Magnificent Grace and His Magnificent Mercy. Today we see God’s Magnificent Peace.

We live in a most unpeaceful world. People are angry. People are anxious.

It is available to have a peaceful heart. It’s available to you today. When you have peace you are at rest. There is no strife or conflict where there is peace. There is no anxiousness or worry where there is peace. You do not have a disturbed heart when you have peace.

Christ has given us peace. He is our peace. There is great joy in the peace that comes from God!

The interview segment today is with Gary and Linda Baer. Gary and Linda are the founders of Mission Possible in Aurora IL. Mission Possible provides many services to the community in the areas of free healthcare, counseling, addiction recovery, job skills coaching, Bible training through Bible classes, various social events among many other services. At Mission Possible, they aim to “holistically meet human needs in Christ’s name.”

Gary and Linda’s contact information:

Mission Possible, 63 South Broadway  Aurora, IL 60505
On Facebook: Mission Possible

Music provided by Jeremy Camp, 7th Time Down and Rachel Barbera.

4 thoughts on “God’s Magnificent Peace!

  1. James

    Wow, thank you so much for this program! I am glad to see I can use these podcasts. I wish I would have known about this sooner and will pass it along to my brothers and sisters so they can be blessed as I have through this program.
    I am a volunteer at Mission Possible and I can say wholeheartedly from all of us, thank you.

    1. admin Post author

      James……God bless you!
      Thank you for listening. You are doing a great work at Mission Possible!
      Enjoy God’s blessings today!

      Love through Christ,

  2. Dick Michaud

    Job well done Greg….this web site is a blessing, it is well done and has wonderful teaching that touch the heart.

    God Bless You

    1. admin Post author

      Dick, thank you for listening! And it’s great to hear from you, I trust you are doing well.
      God bless you abundantly!


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