God’s Magnificent Mercy

Episode 60: God’s Magnificent Mercy!
Interview – Scott Powell – Songwriter, musician and minister of God’s Word
Please read below on why I replayed Scott’s interview from July of 2015

Last week we looked at God’s magnificent grace. This week we will look at God’s magnificent mercy. God’s mercy toward mankind is evident all throughout history. Many times in God’s Word mercy is in the same context as grace.

Mercy is defined as loving-kindness. Mercy is loving and it is kind in the sense that it is the withholding of earned judgment. God’s mercy toward all mankind is found in the giving of His son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We have been judged in Christ and not of our own works – now that is mercy.

In this teaching we see wonderful examples of God’s mercy displayed towards Lot, David and you!

Our interview segment is with Scott Powell. This interview is a replay from July of last year. I wanted to play it today and make a request of you the listener. Scott was in a motorcycle accident a little over a week ago. He is seeing miraculous healing deliverance and continues to need our prayer. Would you pray for him as you listen to the interview and continue to keep him in your prayers? We have played much of Scott’s music on The Solution Radio Show over the past year. I trust you will enjoy the interview with Scott and his music. Thank you for your prayers for Scott Powell.

Music provided by Scott Powell – www.ScottPowellMusic.com

2 thoughts on “God’s Magnificent Mercy

  1. Barbara Bliss

    Cool – good to hear your voice again – GREAT to hear you still speaking the Word of God boldly!!

    Barb Bliss
    originally Barb Snyder

    1. admin Post author

      God bless you Barb! Great to hear from you! I trust you are doing well.

      You too keep speaking God’s Word as I remember you always did!
      You are God’s Very Best!



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