God’s Magnificent Grace!

Episode 59: God’s Magnificent Grace!
Interview – Dee Collins – Founder and CEO of Dunamis Woman Enterprise

God’s grace is abundant in our lives every day. He has demonstrated His unconditional love toward us in the giving of His son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace is defined as unearned favor. Who of us is good enough to approach God of our own works and request of Him a redeemer for the sin of Adam? No one. Salvation can only be by God’s grace.

God is love and God is light. God is also gracious toward mankind. Grace is given because of love. God loves us therefore He sheds His grace on each of us. We find God’s grace toward man all throughout history. Today’s teaching takes us on a journey of God’s Grace from Adam and Eve to your life today. Be encouraged to live in God’s Grace.

Our guest today is Dee Collins. Dee is one of the nation’s leading experts skilled in igniting the power within others. Dee is the Founder and CEO of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, a life empowerment corporation committed to Exposing, Educating, and Empowering women and men to break through life barriers for great success.

Dee is a visionary and charismatic leader. She sets the bar high as a Dunamis “powerful” woman trailblazing in the speaking and coaching arenas as a John Maxwell Certified Coach. Dee serves as an Entrepreneur, Author & Publisher, Television Talk Show Host, Radio Host, Spiritual Advisor, and Coach. For over 20 years, Dee has skillfully guided women and men on how to break through the barriers of their mind and life so that they may reach their maximum potential.

Dee may be reached through her website http://dunamis-woman.com/ or by phone 1-855-BE-DUNAMIS
Email: info@dunamis-woman.com

Music provided by Matthew West, Chris Tomlin and John Kano.

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