Christ Jesus – Head of the Church

Episode 55: Christ Jesus – Head of the Church
Interview – Roger Braker – teacher and author of Poverty vs. Wealth: Fundamentals of Prosperity

In today’s program we answer the question from God’s Word of “Who is the head of the church?” and “Who or what is the church today?” When recognized clearly and believed it will help to eliminate division within the Christian church today.

Also, we see from the scriptures the amazingly wonderful life we have been called to live. True satisfaction and joy is found in living for God, his magnificent son Jesus Christ and in proclaiming the truth of His Word.

The interview segment is with Roger Braker from Oklahoma. Roger has been involved in Bible study and home Bible fellowships since 1973. He is the author of Poverty vs. Wealth: Fundamentals in Prosperity. Roger is also a dad, grandfather, entrepreneur, problem solver, thinker, lifelong reader and savings evangelist, and …… a Wannabe fisherman!

Roger may be contacted by email, the website is

Poverty vs. Wealth: Fundatmentals in Prosperity may be ordered on Amazon

Music provided by Matthew West, Keith and Kristin Getty, Amy Grant and Kari Jobe.

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