Living Life, Believing God

Episode 54: Living Life, Believing God
Interview – Jon Nessle – minister, author and teacher of God’s Word from Indiana
Testimony – Frannie from Michigan

What would it be like to live beyond (or outside of) the circumstances of life? In other words, what if my decisions, actions and speech were not dependent nor controlled by the everyday pressures of life?

Do you think then we might manifest totally different results? Might we have great joy and peace in the midst of adverse and evil situations? What if there was an instrument panel with gauges and markers that contained truth that we could live by no matter how thick the cloud cover of the negative circumstances of life might be?

There is! Our instrument panel for living a joyful, peaceful life is God’s Word and the spirit of God which resides within each of us. Today’s teaching shows us how to live life believing God!

The interview segment is with Jon Nessle. Jon is an ordained minister, teacher and author. He has been researching God’s Word for over 35 years and has developed over a dozen weekend seminars which he teaches throughout the country, including;  Old Testament History, Growing in God’s Power, Workin’ the Word, Survey of the Gospels, One God, Who is Jesus Christ, The Sermon on the Mount and Leadership in the Body of Christ. Jon resides in Indiana.

Jon may be reached on Facebook or email

Jon’s books may be ordered on Amazon and audio teachings are available at

Frannie from Michigan has a testimony in today’s show which is absolutely amazing! She shares with us God’s love and concern and direction for His people. It is a testimony of God’s goodness that will cause you to praise God.

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