Change – Treasure God’s Word in Your Heart

This week the Solution Radio Show is a replay from January 3rd, 2016.

Episode 53: Change – Treasure God’s Word in Your Heart
Interview – Ann Sullivan, author Permission to Doubt

With every New Year, for the most part, we all have thoughts of change and improvement. We desire to be better and more productive. We want to make changes and set goals and plan for the future. For many of us it’s a “start over” in different areas of life. We have the desire for our life to have a positive impact in our culture and in the lives of others.

In today’s program we see that no matter how difficult the situation, God can and will see us through to victory. As we treasure God’s Word in our heart we are able to receive from our Father all that He has in store for us.

Our guest interview is with Ann Sullivan. Ann is the author of the book Permission to Doubtand she writes a blog titled Simple Truths. She has worked as a teacher and international conference speaker for over fifteen years. Ann shares her battle with a panic disorder and her victory over that situation. Ann asked difficult questions and she followed the evidence to its logical conclusion. She emerged with a refined faith in Christ and a love for the core teachings of scripture.

Ann Sullivan may be contacted through her website/blog or Facebook.

Permission to Doubt on Amazon – by Ann Sullivan

Music provided by Matthew West, Scott Powell and Casting Crowns.

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