He is Risen

Episode 50: He is Risen!
Interview – Mike Verdicchio – Minister, Author and Teacher www.confidenceandjoy.com

Three of the greatest words ever spoken are “He is Risen!”

Jesus Christ is the only one that has died and then been raised from the dead to his perfect, new spiritual body. He was God’s perfect sacrifice by his obedience to do all that his Father requested and all that the law demanded in order to redeem you and me. God showed his approval of the Lord Jesus Christ by raising him from the dead. What an incredible moment in time for all mankind.

Jesus Christ is alive today. In the scriptures we read several of the occurrences where Jesus Christ appeared to people in his resurrected body. We also see what his resurrection means to us today.

Our interview segment is with Mike Verdicchio. Mike is an ordained minister, author, Bible teacher and radio broadcaster. He has a blog which includes both audio and video. He resides in Arizona where he teaches a weekly Bible fellowship.

Mike can be reached through his blog www.confidenceandjoy.com.

Music on today’s show is provided by Unspoken, a Choir and Casting Crowns.

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