Reach Up to God and Reach Out to Others

Episode 47: Reach Up to God and Reach Out to Others
Interview – Jimi Allen – from Making a Godly Impact in Society and Culture

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Time and time again in the scriptures we are instructed to pray without ceasing, to not be anxious but go to our Father and to boldly approach His throne of grace. We are also reminded that when we do go to God in prayer, He hears us.

In order to see genuine spiritual results in our lives that glorify God we must start with prayer. Today we look at reaching up to the Father first in prayer and then reaching out to others as He directs.

Our interview segment is with Jimi Allen. Jimi is an accomplished photo journalist having photographed presidents in Washington, scientists in Dubai, missionaries in Portugal, priests in Tibet and the homeless on the streets of our cities. He is the founder and CEO of Bureau Gravity in Aurora IL.

Above all Jimi is a brother in Christ that desires to see God magnified in the workplace and our culture. This is an awesome segment that you will absolutely enjoy listening to as you see the heart that Jimi has for God and for people.

Jimi Allen may be contacted through his website

Music is provided today by TobyMac, Scott Powell and Rachel Barbera.

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