The Love of God brings Victory through Christ

Episode 43: The Love of God brings Victory through Christ
Interview – Lou Gramm testimony – lead singer of Foreigner (edited from a podcast)
Testimony – Denise from New Jersey on God’s love and protection

There are days when life is not easy. I have those kind of days and I’ve no doubt that you do as well.

It’s important that we know and remember that the circumstances of life do not define our loving Heavenly Father. God is so often blamed for what happens in life whether it be good or bad. God is always good. The devil is always evil.

We see from the scriptures that the Love of God enables us to be a super conqueror in any situation!

Our interview segment is with Lou Gramm, former lead singer of Foreigner. He shares his testimony of coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ. This interview is an edited version from a youtube podcast. The full podcast may be viewed at

Recently Denise from New Jersey,  a dear friend and sister in Christ, called our Praise Line. She has a  wonderful testimony of God’s love and protection.

Music is provided by George Hackett and Foreigner.

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