God Delights in You!

Episode 42: God Delights in You!
Interview – John Kano – Christian Songwriter, Musician and Producer

Show is a replay from August 23, 2015.

One of the great benefits to us in this day and time is that we can learn tremendous truth regarding our Heavenly Father and how loving and kind and gracious He is by reading the Old Testament. As we see how God was gracious and merciful time and time again unto the Israelites – who were only servants of God – let us magnify that mercy and grace a million fold – for today we are His children and our redemption is complete in Christ. There is no more an offering or sacrifice for the sins of mankind. Jesus Christ is a complete savior and he has perfected forever those that believe on him.

Interview segment is with Grammy nominated songwriter and brother in Christ – John Kano. John has two CDs “Love is Forever” and “Faith for Today.”

Contact info for John Kano http://www.johnkano.com/and https://www.facebook.com/john.kano?fref=ts.

Music provided by John Kano and Lisa Tracy.


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