God Leads and Delivers

Episode 32: God Leads and Delivers
Interview – Don Beebe – Super Bowl Champion

Our Heavenly Father is a God that both leads us and brings deliverance to us in our lives. At times we become discouraged and frustrated because we do not recognize the care and concern that God has for us. We are to focus on the Deliverer rather than our circumstances. Today’s sharing from God’s Word shows us God’s care and concern.

There is also an incident of a great financial deliverance this past week.

Our interview segment is with NFL veteran Don Beebe.  Don played in 6 Super Bowls and is most remembered from Super Bowl 27 when he caught Leon Lett from behind to steal the ball at the goal line. He also received the game ball when the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl in 1997. It’s an interview you will want to hear as Don shares how God has directed him and blessed his life.

Don Beebe may be contacted at www.donbeebe.com/ or houseofspeed.com
by Phone 630-466-0082

Music is provided by Jeremy Camp, Aaron Schaffer and Rachel Barbera.

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