Part 2 – The Garden of Your Heart

Episode 28: Part 2 – The Garden of Your Heart
Interview – Ken Petty minister from Tucson AZ

This teaching continues with the topic that we covered last week in the confession of God’s Word and how the Word of God is seed that is to be planted in the soil of our hearts.
There are also 2 incidents of God’s power and love manifested in prayer.

Our interview segment is with Ken Petty – an author, teacher and minister of God’s Word in Tuscon AZ. Ken shares with us some of his heart and insight regarding our identification with Christ.

Ken Petty may be reached at or 

Music is provided by Casting Crowns, a new song from Gene Meldrum and Be Still and Know.

Video of Interview

2 thoughts on “Part 2 – The Garden of Your Heart

  1. John Thomas

    Another wonderful show, Greg. Excellent teaching, and awesome interview with Ken Petty! Both showing the importance of renewing our minds and living the blessed life of walking in love. The song after the interview, “Be Still and Know” was beautiful! Will you please tell me who sang it?


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