The Garden of Your Heart

Episode 27: The Garden of Your Heart
Interview – Steve Carter and the Sovereignty of God

Recently I have been re-reading Faith and Confession by Charles Capps.
There is some wonderful truth contained in the book regarding activating your authority in Christ and receiving all that the Father has made available to us His children.
In this show we will look at confessing God’s Word and the power of the spoken Word.

The interview segment is a replay from May 2015 with Steve Carter discussing the Sovereignty of God.

Music is provided by Tobymac, Leon Hanson and Rachel Barbera.

Link to Faith and Confession by Charles Capps

2 thoughts on “The Garden of Your Heart

  1. Susi Williams

    You are a very good teacher and I have Charles Capps books, I have many friends that I would love to have them listen to this teaching. I continue to try to practice this -lining my words up with what I’m praying for. Sometimes it feels like such a struggle and I know it should be easy, the enemy keeps telling me that I’m speaking lies , because in reality what I see doesn’t line up with what I’m praying for. I know the enemy is the father of lies so I push through it.

  2. admin Post author

    Susi……keep looking to the Father, speaking His Word to yourself and talking to Him about His promises to you.
    He loves you very much. Know that as you draw near to God the adversary must flee. The darkness cannot stay in the light.
    Charles Capps books are awesome!
    For your friends to listen to this segment email them the following link:

    God bless you abundantly in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus Christ!
    You are God’s Very Best!


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