Pray, Don’t Faint

Episode 24: Pray, Don’t Faint
Interview – Steve Hullfish – Film editor for the movie War Room 

Communication is a vital part in the success of any relationship….whether it be between a husband and wife, parents and children or workplace relationships. There needs to be communication. Without communication a relationship will become stale, it lacks heart and the relationship will dissolve.
God is our Heavenly Father. He desires that we, His children talk to him.

All throughout God’s Word we see that prayer to our God and Father is the heart of the relationship that we are to have with Him. Prayer is communication. Prayer is not to be a ritualistic recitation of memorized words.

In one passage of scripture, Matthew 6, Jesus Christ so clearly described what prayer was not ….. and what it is to be.

In the second half hour our guest interview is with Steve Hullfish. Steve is the film editor for the movies “Courageous” and “War Room.” “War Room” is currently in theaters nationwide and around the world.
Steve shares his heart and the power of prayer in the filming of “War Room.” He also shares some examples of answered prayer and God working in the hearts and lives of those associated with the movie “War Room.”

Music is provided by Building 429 and Casting Crowns. Both songs are part of the soundtrack for “War Room”.

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