The Living Word

Episode 16: The Living Word
Interview – Aaron Schaffer – Songwriter, singer and musician

Do words mean anything? Do words effect your action or lack of action? Do words determine outcomes? Yes, yes and yes.

Words are what frame the life we live. Words believed issue in results. The words that live in our heart – that is who we are.

When it comes to God – He has given to His creation – mankind a living manual that when believed and lived will literally take one’s life to an extreme level of joy and peace! Who among us doesn’t desire joy and peace in this world of heartbreak and unrest. It is available to live far above the circumstances of this life and to insert oneself as a healing balm into the lives of others who are living in the shadow of darkness and despair.

The guest interview is with songwriter and musician Aaron Schaffer where he shares his heart of love for God and his music.


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