Seek God Above All Else

Episode 15: Seek God Above All Else
Interview – Jim Melton – Discussion of the Old Testament

What do we seek for day to day? What do we pursue to attain and consider to be of great value? Where is our time and energy spent?

There are some today that seek after God and the things of God. Those that do seek after God are at times dismissed by the world as being a little off or living to an undesirable extreme.

It’s relatively easy to follow the masses and pursue after riches, honor and the praise of men. It is not always easy to follow after God and His heart in this messed up world – it can at times be a bit of a struggle – almost as if you are like a fish fighting to get upstream – – – until your seeking of God flows from your heart. Then it becomes first nature. Then you have joy that’s irreplaceable in contrast to the happiness offered by the world.

There is great reward for the individual whose life flows out from the seeking of the One True God.

In the second half hour our guest interview is with a wonderful minister of God’s Word from Colorado Springs who has studied the Bible for over 35 years with his expertise being the Old Testament – from Faithful Stewards Bible Ministries – Jim Melton.

Music is provided by PlanetShakers, Kari Jobe, Jesus Culture and Lisa Tracy.


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