Complete in Christ

Episode 11: Complete in Christ
Interview – Rachel Barbera – Songwriter, singer and musician 

The heart longs for a relationship with God. The heart yearns to be accepted and loved. The heart of a man or a woman desires to know that they are whole and that their life really does matter. It is only through the work of Jesus Christ that we find wholeness.

When “we appear with him in glory” then we shall be able to fully appreciate that we are completely, completely, absolutely complete in him. How exciting it is to know that we are God’s children. The creator of the heavens and earth is our Father. You are complete in Christ! You lack nothing! Today, accept from our Father what has already been accomplished. You are complete in Christ!

Our guest interview is with Christian songwriter and singer Rachel Barbera. Rachel plays a couple of new songs live in studio. You can follow Rachel on Instragram as she travels cross country @thewaywardseason.

There is also music by Brandon Heath and Jason Gray.


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