Pray – Listen – Act

Episode: 8  Pray – Listen – Act
Interview – Gene Meldrum – Songwriter, musician and minister of God’s Word

There are many records in the Bible where we see people pray, God hears their prayer – God responds and then those that prayed, act according to God’s response or direction.

Here in Acts chapter 10 we have two remarkable examples of prayer to God by Peter and Cornelius, God answering their prayers by giving direction and their obedience to God’s instruction.

What joy and rejoicing in the life of Peter and the 6 that came with him. What joy and rejoicing in the life of Cornelius and those that were with him.

God is no respecter of persons. God hears your prayer. Anticipate your answer from God. Be obedient to His instruction. Rejoice with great Joy for God’s goodness towards you!

Music is performed by Leon Hanson, Sal Arico and Geno Meldrum.

The interview segment is a replay of the first show with Geno Meldrum.

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