The Return of Jesus Christ!

Episode 7: The Return of Jesus Christ!
Two testimonies of God’s healing deliverance

This show has a teaching on the return of Jesus Christ. It inspires and encourages us from God’s Word to stand strong and faithful and to wait for our soon returning Savior.

There are also two testimonies of God’s great healing deliverance in the lives of two people. You will want to hear these wonderful stories of deliverance.

The show contains music from Leon Hanson, Tom and Tina Kirby, and Keith and Kristyn Getty.

One thought on “The Return of Jesus Christ!

  1. Ron Flori

    I enjoyed the testimonials immensly. Thw whole hour is always good. It is wonderfull to hear of the deliverance of the two people Jason and Kaley. I hope to meet them both myself one day. God Bless you and keep up the good show! Ron


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