The Father of Mercy

Episode 5: The Father of Mercy
Interview – Chris Baker from

Our God is the Father of mercy and the God of all comfort. Jesus Christ extended great mercy and compassion towards people. He clearly lives the heart of his Father. Time and time again God extended great mercy toward the people of Israel.

Today God has shown us great mercy. By His grace and mercy we have freely received eternal life and forgiveness of sins.

Our guest interview is with Chris Baker of Chris helps to free people from the bondage of gang affiliation and human trafficking by removing or transforming identifying tattoos. His is a unique ministry and has a profound effect upon those he works with.

TLN (Total Living Network) did a documentary on Chris and Ink180. Click the link to learn more about ordering the DVD.

Music on today’s show is provided by Aaron Schaffer – Glory to Glory, Cliff and Lynn Adelman – My Life’s Dream and Big Daddy Weave – Redeemed.


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