God’s Magnificent Goodness

Episode 1: The Solution Radio Show.
Interview – Gene Meldrum – Singer, songwriter, musician and minister of God’s Word

The opening segment includes a teaching on Ephesians chapter 1 and the first 10 verses of chapter 2. In the teaching we see the great love that God has for people and some of the awesome things He has done for us through the accomplished work of Jesus Christ.

Included in this show is some wonderful music by Geno Meldrum, Scott Powell and Rachel Barbera.

The interview segment is with songwriter, musician and brother in Christ Geno Meldrum. Also included are 3 songs by Geno. His music will minister God’s love and goodness to your heart and life. There is an awesome heart sharing by Geno! You will enjoy listening to it!

To order any of Geno’s music or to contact him follow this link:

Also to contact either Scott Powell or Rachel Barbera follow the links below:


5 thoughts on “God’s Magnificent Goodness

  1. Ron Flori

    The show was a real blessing. I listened to it after the fact since I could not hear it live. Nothing is better than God’s Word and Godly music. Ron

  2. Eric Montz

    The teaching on Ephesians chapter one was incredible… What a blessing to hear the written Word of God explained so accurately… II Timothy 2:15 at work here… A must listen for everyone. Absolutely fantastic. Eric

  3. Scott Powell

    I was able to catch the replay of your first show today. I’m very excited for the future of this program. A great format with the sharing of God’s word and right along with that, I was very blessed to hear the heart of my dear brother Geno Meldrum. I’m really looking forward to seeing God’s grace poured out upon this show and hearing how it’s a great profit in ministering to the lives of His kids. Great job Greg!

  4. admin Post author

    Ron, Eric and Scott……thanks for the kind words!
    God is awesome and great and His Word is running swiftly through the world!

  5. Mark Rich

    Hi brother Greg,

    Just wanted to share with you what a joy it was to hear you teach on Ephesians 1 & 2. Your love and appreciation of God’s goodness and grace were truly uplifting to my soul. I found it interesting that you selected Eph. 1 for your your first program since it was that very same passage I have been hoping to share, verse by verse, with my nephew as well. Oh, the blessed richness of God’s love and His generosity toward us in Jesus, His beloved Son! May Yahweh, our heavenly Abba, continue to lead and guide you, brother Greg, with your newly launched radio program!


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